Collaborative Storyline

This is an attempt by Mister_Ecks of to set up a storyline of catfort/dogfort strips. The strips have "episode" titles that describe the action taking place in the scripts, for the sake of keeping the storyline organized and somewhat congruent but still malleable. This means they can be re-arranged for effect. Since the strip creators are not (currently) collaborating or trying to stick with a single plot or timeline, putting details in the titles is not important. The problem at this point is that they're also leaving many unresolved story lines (dangling plot threads) but this meme is still fun. The strips are purposefully not organized by publication date and do not have to be, and like any other comic strip, death does not have to be final. (But IMHO maintaining this strip will be easier if all deaths were not graphic and if the deaths of major characters are kept off-panel.) : This is Dog Fort (for : Come in, Dogfort! : This is not dogbase : Prelude to war : Come in, Catfort! : Catfort gets Sandboxed! : Catfort Mobilizes : Dogfort Attacks Catfort : Lightning Strikes : Things get Squirrelly : Dogfort Gets a New Recruit : Don't bark, don't woof : Rainbow Dogs : After Don't bark, don't woof : A Darkside Dalliance : Dogfort brings in the big guns : Dogfort does recon : Random Dog seeking a bone : Catfort Captures Little Lobster : Little Lobster Escapes Catfort : Dogfort conducts minefield ops : Dogfort Radio Established : Catfort Radio Subterfuge : Catfort Radio Terrorism : Dogfort's Operation Frosty is compromised : Food Drop : Dogfort Computer Break/Beach Break : Catfort and Dogfort mutual Air Assault : Dogfort Saves Christmas & works on Dogigloo : Catfort prepares to ambush Dogfort in the Snow : Catfort ambushes Dogfort in the Snow : Dogfort recovers from ambush in the Snow : Dogfort Regroups after ambush recovery : Dogfort undercover ops : Dogfort undercover ops compromised by Catfort : Damsel Loses Tennis Ball : Catfort Infiltrated : Catfort captures infiltrator : Catfort High Council convicts the infiltrator : Planning to rescue the infiltrator : Failed Extraction Attempt : Dogfort stifles "Operation: Cat out of the bag" : Ghost Rider Down : Historical documents of the war : Target = Human : Flashback - Saving Private Lobster : Red Lobster reminisces : Red Lobster can't take it any more : Japanese cats go all Pearl Harbory on Dogfort : Naval Air Battle after pearl harbor : Kitteh Captured at Sea : Dogfort Independence Day : Dogfort Tests Nukes : The Reptile Nation watches… and waits : Mousefort: The Prophecy : A new threat - or a ruse? : Dogfort POW MIA : Dogfort Pro Sniper : Dogfort Sniper Takes out a Kitteh : Dogfort introduces Martinez : Martinez in action : Catfort sniper takes down Martinez : Medic! : Missing Martinez : General Meow fools Dogfort (is this the end of dogfort?)